Home Electrical Insurance

Home Electrical Insurance

In the modern home, electrical systems are more crucial than ever. Torva Electrical’s Home Electrical Insurance ensures that you’re never left in the dark, providing peace of mind with our expert coverage for all your home’s electrical needs.

Why Choose Torva Electrical Homecare?

When considering Torva Electrical Homecare, you benefit from a team of dependable experts. Our certified electricians are highly trained, ready to address any electrical issue with efficiency and expertise. With us, you can enjoy the reassurance of unlimited call-outs and claims, with no cap on the number of repairs we’ll perform, providing you with peace of mind.

Additionally, all repairs carried out under our Home Electrical Insurance are fully guaranteed for 12 months, ensuring your satisfaction and safety. Our comprehensive policy covers all parts and labour, protecting you from unexpected costs, shielding you from unforeseen expenses.

Our Home Electrical Insurance offers extensive protection, this covers:

Our Promise – Accessibility, Transparency & Affordability

Our policies are designed for homeowners seeking reliable electrical coverage, including landlords looking for tenant-proof solutions.

We also want you to understand what’s covered and what’s not—our policies are straightforward, with no hidden exclusions and with competitive pricing and a low excess per claim, unexpected electrical repairs won’t strain your budget.

Getting Started with Home Electrical Insurance



Ensure your home is eligible and not already covered elsewhere.



Quick and easy sign-up process, with immediate coverage options.


Peace of Mind

Start enjoying the benefits of comprehensive electrical coverage for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Home Electrical Insurance differ from a warranty?

Unlike warranties that cover individual appliances, our Home Electrical Insurance covers the entire electrical system of your home, providing broader protection.

Our policy includes an initial 28-day exclusion period, but after that, you can make an unlimited number of claims a year, ensuring you’re covered when it matters most.

Your cover is designed for automatic renewal, ensuring continuous protection. We’ll notify you before renewal to confirm details and any changes in pricing.

If you move, your policy can be transferred to your new home, ensuring uninterrupted coverage, subject to eligibility and policy terms.